A Beautiful Letter from Him

Bahagia bgt, pagi-pagi di hari spesial dapat surat cinta dari suami yang dirindu..Maklum Ulang taon pernikahan kali ini, si dia lagi menunaikan tugas negara ke kota gudeg…Aseliiiiiiiiiiiiiii, jarang-jarang si Aa nulis kek beginian, makanya waktu dia tulis begian di note pesbuknya, kek mau meleleh nih aer mata…😉

Kata-katanya indah, dalem en keknya tulus bgt dari lubuk hatinya yang kira2 dalemnya 10.000 m…*huaaahhhhh dasar alay*…

Nih dia “A Beautiful Letter from Him on our 4th Anniversary…

When We Bond Each Other (for: Dona Sofia binti Adnie)

For every man, one of the greatest moment of their life, when they take an oath to take responsibility of the women they love. For me, that moment was four years ago. It was like a dream, a surrealistic world that I never imagined and faced through before. With that oath I promised not only to her and her parents, but to my self, to bring her in a long journey that we haven’t know what inside and comes in the end, to reach our destiny as a soul mate, a family.

My lovely wife, today, is our fourth anniversary…surely is not too long because it just like yesterday, but this is long enough, though, to put a strong ground for both of us to discover the future. My lovely wife, I believes, with you, life will never ever hard as before, as you always be with me, as we will bond each other until the end of time…may ALLAH always gives HIS bless for us and our family…aamiin.

Jogja, 110617

Semoga ALLAH SWT senantiasa selalu mencurahkan rasa rindu, cinta, kangen, sayang dan butuhnya setiap detik sampai maut jualah yang akan memisahkan, aamiiinnn….


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